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Vietnam is a destination that offers a wide range of itineraries and attractions, characterized by enormous contrasts: from modern and dynamic megacities to the mountain tribe villages, from the highlands of the northern region to the Mekong delta in the deep south. This charming country has so many fascinating places to visit.

Vietnam has been able to put decades of blood and atrocities behind it. Thanks to its young and energetic population, today Vietnam may be the fastest-growing of the world's economies.

Ho Chi Minh City, former Saigon (a name still widely used by the local population) is the city that has driven the country forward with its pulsating energy.

Located on the banks of the Red River, Vietnam’s capital Hanoi is one of the most ancient capitals in the world, with well-preserved colonial buildings, ancient pagodas and museums. Walking through the streets of the Old Quarter you will discover the essence of the Vietnamese capital.

Hanoi is the gateway to discover the treasures of the northern region: stunning mountains, green valleys and the amazing Ha Long Bay and its impressive limestone karsts.

But this incredible country has much more to offer much more than its two major cities.

Vietnam has several historical sites, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national parks with an incredible flora and fauna, as well as various beaches and tropical islands just waiting to be explored, ideal destinations for a relaxing sea holiday.

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Vietnam B2B Travel Provider

Asco Lotus is a leading Vietnam B2B travel provider with a team of experienced locals and long-term expatriates who have been living and breathing in Vietnam for decades.

Our experts speak the local languages, have travelled virtually in every corner of Laos and know in depth the history and the cultures of this fascinating and charming country.

This unique expertise, matured in years of passionate traveling, is the advantage that makes Asco Lotus Vietnam a leading B2B travel provider for leisure and business travelers.

From Seat-in-coach Tours to Tailor-made Programs, from Incentive Travel to Meetings and Events, Asco Lotus Vietnam covers them all.


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